My First Project

The first project that we had to do was to draw a chair. The chair was set up on a big wooden box. I decided that I wanted to draw the chair with the box that it was on as soon as I saw it. When I went in to draw my chair I saw that everyone else in the class had drawn their chair very up close and very big. Mine was small and the only one that was drawn on the box. I was slighltly nervous about that, but I decided to press on. I started out by drawing the box in pencil making sure that I got the correct lengths of the lines and the correct angles on the corners. I then went on to draw the chair itself. I used a ruler to get straight lines, and to get consistent angles. I did the initial drawing all in pencil, and then I did the shading in both pencil and charcoal. It was difficult doing the shading detail on my chair because it was smaller. The part that became the most difficult was when I was trying to make the highlights that I saw on the chair. It required some very delicate erasing work. In the end although my chair was very different from everyone else’s, it was definitely recognizable as my chair. All of my friends looked at it and said “Yep that’s how you would do that”. Not sure yet if that is good or bad.

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