Lines and Frames and Angles Oh My!!

This week we are working on another still life. We are working with a new material though called Conte (oops misspelled it earlier). I think that is probably the strangest part of this project. It is like a red clay substance. Holding it is like holding a piece of charcoal, but it does not handle in the same way. It does not blend or erase the same way. The lines made with the charcoal could be softened, it was more forgiving. With this material it is like every mark is permanent. It is strange because you would think it would make you more nervous, but I find it almost freeing. It’s like I know that my page is going to be covered in marks no matter what so I don’t worry about it as much. It is harder for me for some reason to get a straight line with this material too. I do really like the subject matter though. There are lots of wonderful angles, and intersections. It is like a geometry problem. It is very painstaking work though. Trying to make sure that everything is in proportion is the most difficult. I am just going to trust Nell and try to draw what I see.

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  1. trust Nell. Draw what you see (not what you know). Good mantra…
    CONTE crayon.

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