The Blind Leading the Blind?

We did blind contours in class last week. There were two different levels to how I felt about these. On a purely personal level, I truly enjoyed doing them. It gave me a chance not to just see what I was drawing, but to actually look at it. I realized that certain things that I had assumed about lines that I thought I knew, were in fact completely different form what I had thought they were. It gave me a chance to meditate almost. I had to slow down, observe, and try to move my hand in conjuntion with my eye. I was trying to create a connection between my eye and my hand. I loved it. On another level though I felt like doing it in the class setting was difficult because I kept on seeing other people’s blind contours and feeling like mine was not being done right. I felt like everyone else was somehow better at it than I was. It was difficult to push past that, but it was worth it. I tried to simply concentrate on the lines of object, and the shapes of the shadows. It was wonderful.

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  1. It’s funny that even blind, without looking, having NO mind control whatsoever one still wonders if one is “doing it right”. Doing it right is SO overrated! Who defines right?

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