Oh the Places You’ll Go……

For my MARTA project I wanted to capture the different kinds of people that ride on MARTA because people are what I always notice when I ride on it. I find the different types of interactions that you can see on MARTA to be very interesting. To capture some of this I chose to photograph the feet of those people who were on the MARTA with me. The journey begins with a picture of my own feet in my starting destination, and it ends with a picture of them in my ending destination. When I talked to Keigen about this idea she thought that it would be a really interesting way to capture the diversity of people on the MARTA train.
“People’s feet/shoes can be misleading in a society where everyone has to wear shoes, especially when riding on public transit. Normally, I don’t believe that people’s shoes tell me much about them, but that goes for anything someone is wearing; you can’t learn about someone just by their appearance. However, I think it would be great if you could capture kid’s feet next to their mothers or fathers, or business attire compared to tennis shoes. It would tell more about where they are going.”

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