Carl The Elephant

I really loved making this little guy. Elephants are one of my favorite animals. I knew going in that I wanted to make the elephant say elephant with as little information as possible. I doubled the wire that I was using so that the elephant would have more body to it. I also added the brass rings on the feet so that they would seem heavier, because elephants are most known for their big stomping footsteps. This also gave the statue something to stand up with. The hardest part was figuring out how to get it to be 3D. I wanted it to be just an outline of the elephant, but it also needed to be three dimensional. I ended up bending the frame so that it would be a three dimensional outline. I was happy with the way that it turned out. One thing I would like to change is to wire the feet on instead of having them glued on.

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  1. Oh Erin, Carl is something I don’t know if I could have thought up myself. It took a lot of vision to figure out how to make an outline 3d in such an abstract way. I think your missions were accomplished. He’s definitely an elephant, no mistake. And the feet really do convey a heaviness that brings stomping to mind. The simplicity of this piece was fascinating.

  2. I too loved how you managed to make this an abstract 3d line; it’s really fantastic. I like the copper color of the feet too. They attract attention, but they don’t detract from the rest of the piece.

  3. The most interesting quality of your piece are the materials that you choose to use. The light metal wire used to form the body and the heavy copper used to form the feet work well together and do not seem destracting or imbalanced. Due to the use of the copper feet, you were able to create a heavy animal despite the wiry, skeletal elements of the metal used to make the body.

  4. I thought the way you used implied lines was amazing. I just wanted to keep walking around Carl to see him from different angles. Every time I moved he seemed to move too. It made him come alive to me.

  5. “Carl” is a very successful piece. I think that his shape is the most striking and impressive feature. I love that he isn’t really two or three dimensional–he’s somewhere in between. It’s obvious that you put a lot of thought into him because it is such an abstract work, yet it is obviously an elephant. Similarly, the thin, coiled wire is a great interpretation of an elephants skin. The heavy, golden hooves compliment the delicate line of the elephant’s body very well. Carl is simple but also very strategic and complex. Well done.

  6. carl is a great elephant! the weight that is added onto his feet by the rings is wonderful. i also think that the way you twisted the wire added a lot to the structure. it’s very simple, and surprisingly 3d in every way you look at him. i like the simpleness of the color, texture, structure… all of it. carl’s spirit is definitely captured and the feet are a great surprise!

  7. I was amazed at the way you were able to convey a 3D structure out of one continuous line. He is simple yet completely real. Also, the brass rings on the feet resemble actual elephant feet and give Carl the weight a real elephant would have.

  8. Carl looks complex and awesome! I like the hollowness because you can see through it. It is 3D because of the different forms and shapes. It’s very simple (but looks complex) due to the two pieces of material: wire and metal. I like how you have it positioned in a turned position to give me a sense that he is full and he is 3D.

  9. I love how you used a continuous line to suggest a 3D elephant. There was no need for you to outline every single part of the elephant. It’s abstract, but at the same time you can definitely tell what animal it is. I really liked how you used the copper circles for thee feet, it was a little surprise. The color really stands out against the dark wire. Using such a heavy material for the feet really suggests that Carl is weighed down to the ground.

  10. I like how you managed to make one curl of wire suggest both the iconic elements of ears and trunk.

  11. […] can a six-inch light-gauge bendy wire outline have the weight of an elephant? Erin Knox achieves the seemingly impossible through a balanced dialogue between materials and subject in her […]

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